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Representative Example: Borrow £400 for 4 months, four monthly repayments of £197.48. Total repayment £597.48, interest rate p.a. (fixed) 255.5%. Representative APR 939.5%. Compare Moneyboat loans.

Bad credit loans, also known as ‘poor credit loans,’ can help people who have been refused credit and who have a bad or very bad credit history. It is often the case that people apply for bad credit loans having been turned down for other types of short term credit such as instalment or payday loans. A common problem that many people experience, is that lenders will not lend to them due to bad credit. MoneyBoat however, allows you, regardless of your credit history to apply for a bad credit loan online of £200 – £1,500.

We consider every application on its individual merit and just because you have poor credit and have been refused loans elsewhere, doesn’t mean that you are ineligible for one of our loans. Our loan decisions are fast and as a bad credit loan direct lender, our loans for poor credit can be transferred to your nominated account the very same day.

We are an FCA authorised direct lender of bad credit loans and understand that emergencies happen and unplanned events may arise from time to time, meaning you get caught a little short. Our bad credit loans are designed to help get you back on your feet and our daily interest rate is just 0.7%, lower than many other lenders.

We allow repayments to be made in a number of instalments, rather than in one go. This means that our loans are often more manageable than the alternatives.

Apply today for a bad credit loan with MoneyBoat and get yourself back on your financial feet.


Is a Short Term Loan for Bad Credit For Me?

A short term loan for bad credit is not for everyone and it is important before applying, that you assess your personal and financial circumstances initially. we try to help find you the loan that can work best for your specific needs and requirements and as a direct lender of bad credit loans, the decision is ours, with no middlemen to worry about.

Bad credit short term loans are designed to be provided quickly once approved; often with same day funding, to help get you out of your financial rough patch as soon as possible. As long as you meet our lending criteria, you can apply for our bad credit loans to get you back on track for the future. if you have a poor credit history and need some extra money to tide you over, having been refused previously, our bad credit loans may be just what you need.

How Do Repayments Work?

Repayments for our bad credit loans work by the borrower being able to repay their loan in a number of manageable repayments, as opposed to in one lump sum repayment. This means that each repayment pays off a chunk of the total loan amount plus interest, until the end of the term by which time the entire loan is repaid, as long as repayments are made on time. Also, our daily interest rate is lower than the industry maximum charged by many other lenders, with MoneyBoat charging only 0.7%.

Why Do I Have Bad Credit?

There are many reasons why you may have bad credit, with your credit score having suffered. Generally, having a bad credit score is due to you having been subject to negative credit behaviour and practices that may have harmed and impacted your credit score:

Late Repayments

You may have been late repaying other loans, bills and credit facilities in the past. This can include the likes of short term loans, credit cards and household bills.


If you have ever been declared bankrupt in the past, for example if your business has gone under, this will show up on your credit history and is likely to negatively impact your credit score for the future.

Missed Payments

If you have every defaulted on any payments, from loans, credit cards, bills and even your mortgage, this will likely contribute to your future bad credit score. Missing payments in any form indicates to lenders that you may be susceptible to future missed payments, increasing their risk.

Repossession of Home or Vehicle

If you have ever had your home or vehicle repossessed, this will show up negatively on your credit rating. It may be the case that you missed too many mortgage payments or defaulted on a logbook loan and so your property or vehicle was repossessed.

What Are Payday Loans for Bad Credit?

Payday loans for bad credit are small, unsecured personal loans, specifically for bad credit customers. These loans range in size with us from £200 – £1,500 and much-needed funding can be provided quickly to customers upon acceptance. Furthermore, as a direct lender of payday loans for bad credit, we make the lending decision, so you will only ever deal with us.

These loans are specifically designed for those that have poor or negative credit records but are in need of a short term loan. The beauty of these short term personal loans for bad credit is that not only can borrowers receive same day funding, but with MoneyBoat, repayments can be spread out over as long as 6 months, making for a more manageable loan.

Payday loans for bad credit with MoneyBoat also allow you to apply online for the loan you need, quickly and discreetly.

How Do Bad Credit Loans Work?

Bad credit loans online work via a number of straightforward and efficient steps with MoneyBoat. Designed to help get you out of a financial rut, they can be funded on the same day, with money being available in your nominated account potentially within a few minutes. Borrowers simply apply for a loan via our website’s application form, submitting the necessary and required details and an instant decision for your bad credit loan can be made.

Once approved for the loan and with the number of repayments agreed and confirmed, the money is then quickly provided to your nominated account. Our daily interest rate is lower than that of many other lenders; we charge a daily interest rate of just 0.7%. Additionally, if you repay a bad credit loan on time, you could improve your credit rating for the future.

Before You Apply for a Poor Credit Loan Online

As with all other forms of short term credit, before you apply for a poor credit loan online with MoneyBoat, you should consider whether or not this type of loan is for you and whether you are likely to be able to repay on time. Repaying late could further damage your credit rating for the future.

As a bad credit loan direct lender, we have our own lending criteria, which if you meet, you are more likely to be accepted for your loan.

Why is it Difficult to Get a Loan with Bad Credit History? 

You may be finding it hard to get a loan with a bad credit history and we understand that this can be incredibly frustrating and stressful. It is therefore important to understand why it may be the case that you are being refused the short term loan you need and there are various reasons why this may be the case.

Generally, lenders assess credit scores and credit files to calculate their lending risk. Ultimately, the lender needs to ensure the best chances of timely repayments being made by the borrower. If you have previously undertaken bad credit behaviour which has negatively impacted your credit score, you are a less appealing prospect for lenders as you appear more likely to miss repayments, even default on the loan altogether.

This makes lenders more likely to refuse your application for the loan you need. We however, assess each and every application on its own merit, so as long as you meet our lending criteria, you may be accepted.

Moneyboat’s Service Is Rated: Excellent | 9.6/10

The Difference Between No Credit Check Loans and Poor Credit Loans

Whilst we provide poor credit loans, some lenders offer what are known as ‘no credit check loans.’ These are short term personal loans where the lenders do not carry out a hard credit check; a check that leaves a record in your credit history. Rather, they ask sets of questions to qualify the customer for their desired loan. Poor credit loans providers however, will very often conduct hard credit checks and these checks are visible to other prospective lenders.

Our bad credit loans however, are designed for those that may have many credit checks on their file and who have been declined in the past. Our bad credit loans, such as our payday loans for bad credit, simply have fewer eligibility requirements than other short term loan products, to help you secure the money you need.

Can Bad Credit Loans Improve my Credit Rating?

Yes. By repaying your bad credit loan on time and meeting the repayment schedule, you could improve your credit rating for the future. This in turn, could improve your chances of being accepted for loans or credit in the future, having demonstrated positive financial and credit behaviour, by repaying on time.

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