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10 cheap life hacks to get you organised

We all have so many things going on in life. The housework, kids, partners, work and appointments can sometimes feel like they’re relentlessly mounting. Take the stress out of home and life organisation with some tried and tested tips to keep you organised. We don’t believe that you need to be spending a lot of money to get organised. In fact, We’re going to show you that sometimes the least you spend, the more fun you can have with the same results.


Can organising be fun? Let’s take a look at how you can get organised throughout the year, on the cheap.

10 Tips for a more organised you!



1. Use a planner

Whether a its a magnetic monthly wall planner or even a weekly planner which is mounted onto the fridge for all to see, or a ring bound version that sits in a known place in the kitchen. The most important point is that all the family should have access so that they know what’s going on. Appointments, parents evening, exams or driving tests. All should be planned in the same place to ensure easy scheduling and planning. Use these planners to make to-do lists or memo’s. Whatever is is – jot it down!


2. Keep track of re-occurring events and occasions

Keep a separate planner for those special events! Print off a year calendar and pop it into a ring bound folder. Make a note of any Birthdays, Anniversary’s or special events that you want to remember and simply refer back to it as the year goes on. Add these special events to your diary and don’t get caught out on occasions that you accidentally skipped over.


3. Make a Birthday Box

Running out to get emergency birthday cards, wrapping paper and presents can be very time consuming and expensive. Keep a small stash of wrapping paper, cards and maybe a few small kids gifts at the ready so that when the event arises, you stay cool as a cucumber.




4. Meal Plan

Meal planning is a way to save you time, money and stress! Investing in a simple meal planner is very much worth the cash. By planning out the meals of the week you will be able to see exactly which ingredients you need and how much of them. This prevents over purchasing when you head out to the shops and unnecessary waste at the end of the week.


5. Cook in bulk and freeze, freeze freeze!

Whilst we’re talking about food, have you tried cooking in bulk? Large batches are actually more cost effective as well as being a big time saver. Coming home from work and knowing that you have home cooked meal defrosted and waiting is a big sigh of relief at the end of a busy day.


6. Storage

Keep old shoe boxes and cover with some pretty paper to use as storage boxes. It’s amazing when you’re able to recognise all of the items that you don’t actually need to buy, when it’s all arranges into clear and accessible compartments!


7. Make space for cleaning products

Secure a tension rod in the cabinet underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink, then hook on your most frequently used sprays and scrubbers for instant access.



8. Use magnets for organisation

Magnetic strips are brilliant for organising those little items that simply don’t seem to warrant their own space on the dressing table! Fix a magnetic strip to the underside of your bathroom cupboard or bathroom shelf. Then use to store tweezers, hair clips or scissors for easy access. No need to but yet another shelf!


9. Use pegboards to create a pretty and effective beauty station

Pegboards are fantastic for adding a floating surface to any room. Use them to hang jewellery, scarves, belts, notes or invitations.


10. Invest in a piggy bank

This doesn’t have to be the type that kids keep in their bedroom. It could be something to collect lose change at home or a bank account allocated to savings. Saving just £2 per week could see you with £730 by the end of the year. Now that’s some nice extra change to have when the holiday season comes around.



We hope that these life organising hacks will spark your organisational interest now that Spring cleaning season is well underway. Remember, organising isn’t an all or nothing. Start small and take it easy. Any positive change is a great starting point.

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