How to celebrate Father’s Day 2020 on a budget

How to celebrate Father’s Day 2020 on a budget

In the past, a typical father’s day may have included a family day out, a get together with relatives, or a trip to the local pub or restaurant. With the UK sustaining varying coronavirus lockdown restrictions, father’s Day 2020 will be far from typical. Nevertheless, there’s no reason not to pull out all the stops and use some creativity to deliver our dads a grand old fathers day – lockdown style. Direct lenders such as Moneyboat, offer short term, payday loans for consumers who are in an emergency situation rather than looking to purchase additional gifts and extras. However, even on a tight budget, there are ways to celebrate Father’s day and make it a memorable event for all.

When did the UK start celebrating Fathers day?

In the UK we’ve been celebrating Father’s day since just after the second world war. Originating on American soil more than a hundred years ago, the UK has brought the much-loved hallmark event across the boarders and marked the annual celebrations on the British calendar. 

Who invented father’s day?

US-born Sonora Smart Dodd, instituted father’s day in an effort to honour her father who was a Civil war veteran. He had raised his six children on his own after his wife had died in childbirth. Sonora, had originally wanted to honour her dad on June 5th, which was his actual birthday but the date was later pushed off in history. 

Now, after over a century, Father’s Day has gone from a small family event to an official celebration honouring and appreciating our wonderful dads and glorifying fatherhood around the globe.

When is father’s day celebrated?

Father’s day is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of June, this year falling on 21st June 2020. The USA, Canada, France, India, China, Japan, the Philippines and South Africa will be joining father’s day celebrations on the same date as well.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day on a budget

Often a trip out to the park saves the pennies when it comes to forking out on a big fathers day events. However, here are some ideas for fathers day presents which cost no money at all and are of course, COVID-19 friendly. 

  • Plan a camping experience in your garden
  • Create a photo album
  • Make him a scrapbook
  • Write him a song
  • Produce a home video
  • Host a virtual games night
  • Serve breakfast in bed

Father’s Day 2020 under lockdown

While lockdown rules may dampen our large family gatherings, the day is still an opportunity for children to spoil their dad’s with cards and gifts as a thank you for all they do and look to mark the day in other ways altogether.

The lockdown rules keep changing and it’s important to check the latest government advice before taking part in any social gathering, whether indoors or at an outdoor location. That being said, if visiting your father in the fresh air or in his home won’t be possible, consider a video call via Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, or Skype instead. If you live with your dad, and you’d prefer to mark the day indoors, you could show how much you appreciate them by cooking a special meal, ordering in their favourite takeaway or making them a personalised father’s day card.

If you do have some extra cash to splash, an actual gift delivered to Dad’s door might be just the thing to keep up his spirits during lockdown. But remember, a lie-in or a decent cup of tea can go a long way. 

Happy Fathers day! 

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