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Are Your Domestic Appliances Safe?

New technology ensures that domestic appliances are becoming more reliable.  But you only need to have a look online to realise that there seem to be more and more domestic appliance recalled every month in the UK.

A handful of these appliance faults could potentially lead to fires.  A number of recent examples included Indesit, Hotpoint and Creda tumble dryers catching fire. We all have heard about phone chargers which get too hot and spark flames.  However, in addition, there are other appliances that may also cause these kinds of issues.

Moneyboat, a UK direct lender of short term loans point out a few of the appliances that might be a cause of concern. Read ahead to learn more about which kinds of appliances you should watch out for, and how you can schedule regular check ups on your domestic appliances to ensure they stay in shape.

Keep your domestic appliances ship shape!


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How do I carry out an appliance fault check?

You’re not likely to obtain notification of a recall unless you’ve registered your product.  Thus, be certain that you check your appliances for flaws or faults yourself. The number of consumers who are assumed to register their items is between 10% and 20 percent. This means when suppliers publicise a recall for appliances, approximately 80% of customers will not be notified.

There’s currently a site up known as ‘Register My Appliance’ where it is now possible to register all of your electrical goods.  In case of a recall, you will be notified by this site.  You’ll need model, the brand and serial number, in addition to the date of purchase.  This is a simple process to ensure that if something should be found to be faulty, you’ll get a quick notification.

The site also includes an item checker feature. Here you can check item recalls from 2007 based on registered data.

Problematic domestic appliances

Phone Chargers, Adaptors, Extension Leads And More

Hair dryers, mobile phones and chargers, cordless drills and e-cigarettes are just some of the reported appliances which are causing electrical faults nowadays. It has been warned that chargers shouldn’t be left plugged in after charging your device.  Do not leave charging unless you’re at home with the appliance.  When folks leave their telephones charging on their bed or the couch – this is a sad but simple ways in which fires start.

A fire can be caused by charging items overheating on clothing or bedding. Remember, plugs can get hot!  Remember to ensure that they’re not being used on an appliance that is the wrong fit.  In other words, it is recommended to only use the adaptor that has been provided for the specific item rather than a generic one which you picked up at a bargain price.

Extension leads

Even if the lead isn’t faulty, you might have an issue if you plug in appliances which aren’t appropriate e.g. a washing machine or tumble dryer.  If you smell any burning, or experience the fuse box tripping out, unplug the extension lead immediately. Moneyboat UK recommends asking an electrician to fit additional electricity outlets rather than overloading fewer existing sockets. Additionally, it’s always best to buy from reputable stores who will be able to guide you towards the best item for you based on both your needs or budged. Visit Currys, Argos, Next home or Currys PC world for help.

Lighting Issues

Most individuals aren’t aware that electrical problems can be also caused by lights.  In the case that you’ve purchased a night light for your kid’s bedroom, be certain it hasn’t been subject to recall and is safe to use.

Certain components in LED bulbs failing have resulted in a fire or an explosion.  Recalled products include spot lights, standing lamps, table lamps and even flood lights.  More than 25 products have been subject to recall in the past couple of decades in the UK. Hair dryers are another example.  They could cause electrical shocks or fires if cheap or bad quality components have been used in the manufacturing process. As mentioned before, these appliances shouldn’t be left in after use.

The identical information applies to hair straighteners which reach excessively high temperatures.  Hair straighteners have been recalled by even reputable suppliers. Their items were built using lethal components which when used, could or did cause an electric shock.  The majority of the goods are produced in Korea or China – check the manufacturing origin.

Faulty Freezers

Freezers are among the most dangerous appliances if found to be faulty.  There have been cases of freezers becoming faulty due to a small but lethal issue in the defrost timer.  This consequently caused the freezer to overheat, resulting in the uncovering of a serious defect. These powerful appliances ideally should not be left on when no one is home.  Similarly, there have also been cases of dishwashers catching fire suddenly.

It’s usual to have the manufacturer publicise the recall of an appliance, or maybe you could hear on the news.  It’s crucial to assess if your appliance is among the affected models, should this happen.

…And even the small home appliances

Both tiny and big domestic appliances are the potential cause of home fires.  A pot may catch fire when it hasn’t yet been made to the standards and contains components.  There also have been cases of kettles causing electric shocks.

There are a number of steps you can take to prevent appliance faults and ensure your loved ones and you are secure as possible. Firstly, purchase the best and safest possible version.  It is possible to find the security rating for home appliances by checking out ‘Which’ website or a different customer site providing honest consumer reviews for your new home appliance.

Always read and follow the directions supplied with the appliance, even in the event that you feel you understand how to utilise it better.  The major strides in technology mean that many new domestic appliances have additional features which you probably have not have come across.

Unless you’re a skilled electrician, don’t attempt a DIY fix in case an accident happens.  The guarantee will be invalidated by this, and you might be placing yourself in danger.  Stay away from using extension cables as these are among the causes of so many house fires in Britain.  Maintaining the cleanliness of your appliance will boost it’s longevity, enhance efficiency and protect against failure and appliance faults.


Using even some of these simple steps can allow you to safeguard your family from injury and ensure full use of your everyday, domestic appliances safely and economically.