When undertaking a new business venture, one of the first things you need to take into consideration is operating costs. But what about the price of being a caped crusader, a daring detective or a super spy? Our infographic breaks down the expenses of iconic pop culture characters across six costly categories, including education fees, rent and gadgets, to reveal the true cost of heroism.

The comprehensive financial breakdown shows that Bruce Wayne shells out the most on his lavish lifestyle with an annual expenditure of $333,886,814, while Peter Parker is the only other character who lives within his means, spending just $1,125 each year. However, the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has plenty of financial support, with Aunt May covering his rent and Tony Stark supplying his super suit and specialist equipment.

The Dark Knight’s largest expenditure is on his Gotham manor, which amounts to an astounding $329,840,000 including the Bat Cave. But with a predicted net worth of $9,200,000,000, the Founder of Wayne Enterprises can easily afford his life of luxury. Spider-Man’s biggest expense should be his A.I. equipped spandex suit at $1,040,800, but thanks to Tony Stark he only has to worry about the school bus.

Sherlock Holmes spends twice his $47,725 income on his Central London residence and cigars, while Buffy Summers blows a staggering $69,886 on slaying each year. Walter White is also guilty of overspending, exceeding his annual budget by $205,264 with his costly chemicals and deplorable lifestyle. Indiana Jones better get paid well for his astounding archaeological finds, because his college professor’s salary isn’t covering his $179,324 spend.

We all know that Peter Venkman isn’t afraid of ghosts, but what about the mounting costs of busting them? It would cost a haunting $136,000,000 to build a proton pack in real life, so it’s a good job fellow Ghostbuster Ray Stantz covers the cost of Ecto-1 and the Firehouse HQ. And although Joyce Byers heroically rescued her son from the Upside Down, she needs to spend some time job hunting, as her retail clerk salary places her $9,345 in debt each year.

Bond, James Bond is known for his love of beautiful women and expensive cars, but his super spy lifestyle places him $911,467 in debt every year. His biggest expense is his famous Aston Martin DB5 at $672,691, but he spends an impressive $8,081 on his daily vodka martini alone. And it’s not just Bond who pays for a taste of the finer things – Sherlock’s weekly cigars total $1,695 a year.

All seven overdrawn fictional characters featured rack up $137,485,640 of annual debt between them, while Batman and Spider-Man walk away with a combined $8,886,135,355 in profit each year. To find out which pop culture icons live beyond their means and which know how to budget, check out The True Cost of Heroism here.

Superhero data gathered from 100 different sources including Indeed, Forbes and Business Insider.

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