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Promotional Terms and Conditions

10% Interest Discount for Third Party Review Websites

The below terms and conditions set out the specific terms regarding our promotional discount offered in our funded emails for setting out a review using the specified link in the email.

1) The review does not have to be positive or negative in order to be eligible for the discount.

2) The discount is reduced from the interest of the first instalment payment only, according to your signed credit agreement. If the repayment plan is modified or changed the discount amount will remain the same.

3) Reviews are anonymous and we have no way of knowing which customer has made a review. In order to be eligible for the discount you must email us to confirm that the review has been left and specifying the name under which you left it.

4) Only one discount can be applied to one loan.

5) We have no control over the reviews, we cannot edit, add or remove a review.