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Are you looking for a quickquid? Here at Moneyboat, we are here to offer competitive loan terms and options, as well as key advice for personalised payday loans. Apply now with Moneyboat, a registered direct lender.


Applications are not based on  credit history alone, so feel at ease, even if you have poor credit. With our payday instalment loans you won’t need a guarantor and there’s no excessive paperwork. To top it all off, the process is done entirely online! We offer loans of up to a maximum of £1500 for return customers or £800 for first timers. The application process is smooth and if approved, you’ll get your cash the same day. Moneyboat brings a morally fresh perspective to the money lending market. Try us!






We are fully authorised by the FCA to offer quick quid loans. Our loan decisions are not entirely based on the applicant’s credit, and we do not require you to have a guarantor for loan qualification.


What’s a quickquid all about?

You probably got here by searching for quickquid loans. “Quid” has been used as a term for money in the UK for a long time now. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term was used in place of the British sterling pound as early as the 1660s.
It wasn’t always used to refer to the pound, however. The term “quid” was used to refer to other currencies used in England before the sterling pound, such as the guinea and the sovereign.
These currencies soon saw their demise. The term “quid”, however, lived on, and found a new home as the nickname for the sterling pound.


It’s not known with certainty what the exact origins of the term quid are. However, there are many theories by academics about the possibilities.
The most popular of these theories is that the term was actually borrowed from Latin. The phrase quid pro quo means one thing in return for another’ in Latin and definitely has financial undertones in its interpretation.
This makes it seem credible that the term quid’ was originally lifted from this phrase. By that logic, it appears that quid literally means ‘the thing given in exchange for another’.
Of course, breaking it down in this fashion makes the name lose some of its originality. However, it maintains its relevance from a monetary perspective.





Looking for Quickquid or Quick Quid?


As mentioned before, chances are that you reached us by typing out quickquid loans’ into your search bar. Really, it could be any of quid, quick quid, and quickquid.
It’s understandable that you would want to obtain a quickquid loan. It is one of the most advertised companies in the UK’s lending industry and is therefore quite well known as a brand name.



While it’s perfectly normal to start your loan searches with the term quickquid and other variants, we would advise thinking out of the box. Using such slang terms severely limits the number of alternatives you see on your search engine results page. It’s important to understand the essence of what it is that you’re actually looking for.
Are you looking for a money lender who will give you the best deal, regardless of what they call themselves? Or are you looking for a particular brand? The power is in your hands and you can find the best loan options that are available to you.


You are allowed to be choosy with your decision of money lender. We think it’s a good idea to have many alternatives available so you can compare and decide which one suits you best. But don’t take our word for it. Below is a comparison chart to help you decide what’s best for you. We’ve left the spaces on one side blank so you can fill them in for yourself and see what it is we offer that your lender doesn’t and vice versa.


Moneyboat – Your Preferred Lender


  • We offer you an opportunity for early payment with no penalties


  • Customers are provided with all the relevant information in the simplest words possible


  • Moneyboat allows you to pay in up to 6 instalments


  • Our maximum loan amount is £1500 for returning customers


  • Our maximum installment duration is 45 days


  • We give same day lending at no extra charge


  • Our interest is capped well below the maximum allowed by the FCA


  • We offer you a personal service and our employees are not only polite, but caring



  • New customers can receive a loan of up to £800


We understand that things can get a little tough. Sometimes your cash flow can reduce to no more than a trickle as payday approaches.
There may have been a lot of little expenses over the course of the month that piled up and obliterated your reserves. Or maybe it was just one large, emergency payment that left you short.
If you apply online for a payday loan with us, upon approval we’ll send the funds directly into your account. This may give you the boost you need to keep you going until payday.




What you need to know about credit


When you have bad credit, getting a loan, whether long term or short term can be quite difficult. Your credit isn’t always bad because of things under your control. Sometimes, it may have been one bad incident that lead to another.


Of course, you will have plenty of options online for lenders that offer loans to borrowers with bad credit. However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. For one, you’re probably not going to get good deals on these sites because of your bad credit. Most of them aren’t even regulated by the FCA.


At Moneyboat, we understand that there is a lot more to our customers than their credit history. We don’t judge solely based on the information on your credit report.
We will take into consideration a lot of different factors when determining your eligibility for a loan. This means that, even if you have bad credit, you still have a good chance of receiving approval.
We won’t charge you to receive funds on the same day either. Coupled with our high rates of acceptance on our clients, this makes us a great alternative for you.


How Safe is it to get a quick quid from Moneyboat?


When getting loans online, you need to be careful from whom you obtain your loan from. We advise dealing only with companies who have been authorised by the FCA to lend money.
The FCA has a strict set of rules regarding what a lender can and cannot do in regards to the loans they offer you and they are made to protect you, the borrower.



Moneyboat is fully authorised for dealing by the FCA, adhering to all of their terms and conditions.
The terms of a good loan should be the very terms that have been presented to you on the company’s website. This is exactly what you get with Moneyboat. However, while you’re doing this, you should also have a clear idea of what it is that you want. You can check out different lenders and see what they offer while also comparing their different prices and rates.
If you’re looking to get a loan from Quickquid or any other UK lender, be sure to search online for reviews of their services so you can see what other borrowers have to say. By reading about other people’s experiences, you’ll be able to get the complete picture of what each company offers and what to expect when dealing with them.
MoneyBoat UK are proud of our 4.75 star review on

Different Lending Options

There are many indisputably popular and well advertised lenders out there on the market. Before choosing any lender, be sure to ask yourself one crucial question: are they your best option?

Every loans provider out there has something going for them and something going against them, as far as loans are concerned. That’s why you should be diligent and do some thorough research before arriving at your decision.


A good place to start is a website dedicated to comparing loans from different money lenders. However, be very careful as they aren’t always 100% objective in their comparisons.
Once you have a rough overview, you can visit the websites of the individual money lender in order to acquire more details about their terms.


 A sense of clarity


At the end of the day, it really matters for you to be clear on what it is you’re looking for. It might be that all you want is some quick cash. In such cases, what you really want is fast service and prompt delivery.
You can go to the money lender’s FAQ page to find out just how fast they disburse their funds once a loan has been approved. You might also be more inclined to deal with a moral lender. In this case, what you need to be looking at with increased scrutiny is the lender’s terms and conditions section to see if you’re comfortable with them.


It will benefit you a great deal to do some comparisons of the prices of the different loans being offered to you before you make your decisions. You might find that quick loans aren’t what you’re looking for a variety of reason.
Maybe they’re inconvenient or simply too expensive. In our opinion, you should make the most of your opportunity to look around and explore before you settle on a single money lender. Y
ou can figure out what Quickquid’s rates are by using the calculator on their page to work it out. Once you know, you should do the same for all the other lenders you are looking at and compare the rates.


Stay Safe

While you’re conducting your search, you should also be sure only to stick to lenders who have been authorised by the FCA. This is your safest bet as you can rest assured your wellbeing will be protected.
Moneyboat is an FCA authorised moneylender and we have a focus on being fair to all of our customers. We have a well trained, supportive, and caring customer care team that will hold your hand every step of the way, getting through any hurdles you might face during your loan application.




It must be said that even taking out a loan with a reliable lender can still bring money problems. Short term loans come with a relatively high interest rate.
So take this into consideration before making any loan choices or applications.
If you are seeking debt advice or would like to explore alternative options to keeping up with your finances then Moneyboat recommends visiting