Moneyboat Customer Login FAQ

The Moneyboat Customer Login Area is a new platform available to Moneyboat customers who have an existing loan with us, or have taken a loan in the past. We want to provide our valued customers with an easy way to gain insight into their own accounts and loans. 

Here at Moneyboat, we believe that our customers should have direct access to as much information about their loans as possible. Knowledge helps us all manage our finances a little bit better.




My Cards

Looking to update your card, or add a new one? With the customer portal, it’s easy.

If your loan has been funded, you can Signup for the Customer Portal, and get access to everything you need regarding your MoneyBoat Account.


      The features in the My Cards section allow you to always be prepared for your next repayment date. With the customer portal, you can take control over all aspects of your account.


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