Moneyboat Customer Login FAQ

The Moneyboat Customer Login Area is a new platform available to Moneyboat customers who have an existing loan with us, or have taken a loan in the past. We want to provide our valued customers with an easy way to gain insight into their own accounts and loans. 

Here at Moneyboat, we believe that our customers should have direct access to as much information about their loans as possible. Knowledge helps us all manage our finances a little bit better.




Your Frequently Asked Questions

We realise you might have questions about your account and you’ve come to the right place to get answers. We’ve put together this simple set of FAQs from the most common questions received by our customer care team. We hope we can help you find the answer you’re looking for:

What should I do if I can’t register because I’ve not received the verification email?

We will always send you an email asking you to verify your email address as part of the registration process for our Moneyboat Customer Login platform. Please check your spam or junk folder as it may end up there. Click on this email to move onto the next stage of registration.

If you still can’t find the email, contact our customer service team by email at and we should be able to help you.

When registering, I’m receiving an ‘invalid email’ message, why is that happening?

You must use your primary account email address when registering for the Moneyboat Customer Login platform. It’s possible that you may have received your portal invitation to another of your email addresses, but you will need to check what your primary email is in order to register. You can find this email address under ‘My Profile’.

Can I change my password on the Moneyboat Customer Login platform?

We do not support password changes at the moment, but we are hoping to offer this in the future.

Where can I find my account/loan information on the Moneyboat Customer Login platform?

Simply click on the ‘My Loans’ tab on the left hand side bar to see your loan information.

Where can I view/add/delete my payment card details?

Click on ‘My Cards’ in the Moneyboat Customer Login platform’s sidebar to view the current payment cards registered to your account. You can add more cards and delete cards here too.

I’m not sure if i’ve completed the registration process for the Moneyboat Customer Login platform. How can I find out?

If you try to log in without completing the registration process, you’ll receive a message saying ‘wrong data’. If you receive this message, you’ll need to check you’ve completed the registration process and verified your email address.

I’m having some general technical issues with the portal, where can I get help?

Please contact our portal customer care team at, or call us on  0203 818 7470. If you include as much detail as possible regarding your specific problems, we should be able to get back to you quickly with some guidance.

Where can I find out information about the transactions on my account?

We understand that our customers like to keep close tabs on the activity on their account. You can do this any time you wish through the Moneyboat Customer Login portal by clicking ‘My Transactions’.

Can I pay off my loan in full through the portal?

This early version on the portal doesn’t support this yet, but please simply contact us through the email address and phone number clearly detailed on the portal and we will help you pay off your loan right away.

Can I change the date of my payments?

This is something we hope to be able to offer through the portal in the future, but currently you need to contact us by email or phone to change the date on which your payments are made.

What happens if I have miss a payment?

We will firstly try and contact you in order to understand why payment has been missed.
If your repayment remains unpaid and no alternative suitable arrangement is put in place it is likely that your account will fall into default and we will set out the next steps in order for us to secure and retrieve the outstanding balance.
We will do everything in our power to ensure this doesn't happen and will try and work with you directly in order that this does not become a necessary action.

I’m having financial difficulties, can I delay my next payment through the portal?

We are always here to listen to our customers who want to discuss their payment options. Please call us or email us to discuss delaying your payments. Remember, if you fail to make a payment on time, you may incur a late payment charge, so always make sure you contact us well in advance of your next payment date.

Our Services


Please click here for more information about how we can help our customers who are experiencing financial difficulty because of Covid-19. Alternatively, contact us as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances.

Short Term Loans
Our short term loans are geared to fill a short term financial gap. They are designed to be paid back in small manageable repayments over several paydays, thereby reducing the impact of each repayment. Check your eligibility here.
Payday loans alternative
Moneyboat’s payday loans online alternative provides you with a tailored option which allows
you to branch out beyond traditional payday loan products. Acquiring an alternative product which takes care of your short term needs, with longer term repayments allows you to repay in a much more flexible manner.
Direct lenders are FCA approved UK direct lenders. There is no broker involved in your loan decision which means that you will always be dealing with Moneyboat directly.
Emergency loans
Moneyboat offers quick, emergency loans for customers looking to overcome unexpected, emergency situations.
Payback schedule
Once you have been approved for a loan with Moneyboat you will be able to confirm your personalised payback schedule. We provide the option of spreading repayments over 6 months, or 6 instalments.
Calculating interest and APR
The primary purpose of APR is to give you a quick way to compare similar loan products. At Moneyboat, we charge a flat 0.7% interest per day which calculates to a representative APR of 939.5%.


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