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Representative Example: Borrow £400 for 4 months, 4 monthly repayments of £149.37. Total repayment £597.48, interest rate p.a. (fixed) 255.5%. Representative APR 939.5%. Compare Moneyboat loans.

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Fair and flexible direct lender loans

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& secure

We value your privacy and respect the importance of safe and secure transactions. Moneyboat’s systems are fully encrypted and data is regulated and confidential.

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No hidden or added fees! Just a flat interest rate of 0.7% per day

Our daily interest rate is competitive when compared with other UK payday lenders. See how we compare.

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We are a UK
direct lender

Moneyboat is a direct lender – not a broker. This means that we deal with your loan application directly.

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15 minute

We release funds to our customers every 15 minutes, which means fast access to cash once you’ve been approved and all checks have been completed.

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Direct loans from £200 to £1,500

We’re here to help you stay afloat in your time of need. We are a customer-oriented company with an understanding and helpful team to help you access the right loan.

We offer direct loans of up to £800 for new customers and up to £1,500 for returning customers. See our Charges page and the FAQs for further information.

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    Flexible payments & terms

    When lending short term loans we are committed to providing a personal, discreet and transparent credit service. This includes being a responsible lender and carrying out the right credit checks when you apply to make sure you can afford to repay your loan, helping to protect your credit record.

    Although convenient, payday loans are not suitable as a long term financial solution. We will always let you know what you will need to pay us and when, before you make a decision to borrow from us and throughout your time as a customer with us. As we provide loans directly to our customers, avoiding brokers, we have full control of the lending process.

    New customers can borrow from £200 to £800. Loans are repayable over a minimum term of two instalments (could be weekly or monthly, depending on the customer’s pay dates) and a maximum of six months. This means you don’t have to repay the entire balance of your loan on your next payday. The minimum duration for the first instalment is five days.

    Existing customers can borrow up to £1,500, subject to passing our credit and affordability checks. We do not require full repayment in 60 days, however, customers may pay back their loans early with no penalties or fees.

    The interest charged on our loans is 0.7% per day (maximum APR 939.5%) and is only calculated on the outstanding balance.

    Do Payday loans and your credit score

    Do payday loans appear on a credit report?

    Yes. Any credit that you take out, including payday loans, will appear on your credit record.

    Do payday loans hurt your credit score?

    Payday loans can appear on your credit score as an advance against wages, which can be viewed negatively.

    Can I still get a payday loan if I have a bad credit history?

    It all depends on how bad it is. We tend to always reject applications from those who have serious debt problems on their credit files, such as CCJs and bankruptcies. However, if your score is just OK, we’ll look at other factors, such as your income and outgoings, to assess whether you can afford to take our short-term loans.

    Why do customers choose Moneyboat?

      • Weather Proof

        Come rain or shine, Moneyboat understand your short term finance needs. As a UK direct lender, we will work with you on a range of affordable options to help you weather a stormy financial patch.

      • Smooth Sailing

        Applications are 100% secure and online, and you can apply 7 days a week.

      • All Aboard

        So climb aboard! Talk to our friendly and discreet customer service crew, weekdays from 8am – 5pm.

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      Direct lender loans are not the same as broker loans, as the whole process from application to repayment is handled by the same provider. A direct lender will therefore have all of your information to hand to answer any questions you may have and resolve any issues directly and efficiently.

      Direct lenders are also able to offer flexible repayment plans and work with you collaboratively, rather than simply brokering a deal on behalf of an external lender. This means that the application process is faster and you could be approved in a few hours as all decisions are made by one company.

      Brokers are reliant on a third party, so the time from your application being approved to the funds being deposited can be considerably longer. It's important to check how the company identifies itself, as brokers can often present themselves as a ‘loan providing service’. Moneyboat customers will always receive a clear repayment schedule and enjoy a transparent and fair lending experience from us, as responsible UK direct lenders.

      We can release funds to our customers every 15 minutes. Our 15-minute funding is super quick but is only available to our customers who have been approved and once all underwriting checks have been completed. You may be asked to provide extra documentation after applying, which could delay your access to cash. However, once approved, you could still receive funding in just 15 minutes. Learn more about our 15 minute funding terms and conditions.

      Payday loans continue to receive bad press, yet people often overlook the benefits they provide. See our if our loans suit your needs. We are direct lenders, which means we fund the loans ourselves rather than requiring any third parties for funding.

      Many people seek loan debt help in the UK. As with any form of credit, individuals should take care before applying to ensure they can make the repayments. Although a payday loan does come with a higher interest rate than many other loan products on the market, it can be of great help to those who need cash quickly.

      Our loans are a great option if you need some quick cash and you know you can pay it back. Then we’re here to help! However we do not recommend using a loan as a solution to a long term financial issue.

      Individuals often question whether it could be beneficial to take out a loan for something other than a house or vehicle. The answer to this question is yes. One should never put off undergoing essential dental care, for example, simply because they don’t have the money available to pay for it.

      Although the NHS often pays for these costs in some form, individuals must pay for a portion of their fillings, extractions, crowns, dentures and bridges. A quick, flexible loan can help if the person needs this work done but is not able to pay for it. However, it is important to be aware that the amount you borrow will often be more than the cost of the dental work, as most direct lenders in the UK have a minimum borrowing amount.

      If you need a vehicle to travel to or from work and the vehicle breaks down, a loan could help you pay for the repairs if there is no other available option. However, you should not borrow money for an unplanned holiday simply because you can get a good deal. As responsible UK direct lenders, we recommend borrowers at least distinguish between the items that they want and items they need and approach a lender or a broker on that basis.

      Consumers in the United Kingdom turn to Moneyboat when they find they need cash quickly to tide them over until payday. We are known for providing affordable and responsible loan solutions at a comparatively low daily interest, with no hidden charges.

      Our charges and repayments, made over a number of months, are easy to understand, and we have streamlined the borrowing process to make it easy for you to get the credit you need in a timely manner.

      We offer a variety of loan options, so you are not forced to take a loan that does not meet your needs. We are serious about providing responsible credit and payday loans. As direct lenders we ensure that we carry thorough credit check and affordability tests prior to lending.

      Many payday loan providers will ask for repayment of the full loan amount on your next payday. These are notoriously difficult repayment terms and often lead to missed payments, extra charges and bad credit reports. Our payday loans are repayable over a number of instalments, so you can spread the cost of the credit over several paydays. This is part of our responsible approach to lending.

      The following are some tips consumers need to keep in mind when borrowing money. These tips apply to all types of credit and lenders, not just loans from direct lenders.

      • Take time to compare lenders. Many individuals fail to take this step simply because they need money quickly. Failing to compare payday lenders before you apply can cost a consumer a great deal more in the long run, with higher interest charged on their outstanding credit, higher overall, weekly, or monthly fees and less responsible lending, so it is one step that should never be neglected.
      • Consider the amount of credit to be repaid and the amount of money you are able to repay each month before approaching a lender. At times, it is best to have a loan with a shorter repayment term, while a lower annual percentage rate is better in other cases. Fortunately, there are numerous calculators available online to help consumers compare loans and repayment terms. It is also wise to read all the lender’s terms before you apply.
      • Understand the difference between a secured loan and one that is unsecured. Secured loans are backed by collateral that may be lost in the event the borrower defaults on the loan. For example, a mortgage is a secured loan, and the home may be taken by the lender if payments aren’t made as agreed.
      • Do not borrow money without considering other options. There may be alternatives to payday loans available to you if you need access to fast money. If a utility bill is due, talk to the provider to determine if payment arrangements can be made or speak to charitable organisations to determine if they can help. Taking out a loan or borrowing money in any way is not something that should be done without careful consideration, regardless of whether it is for a small amount or a large sum.
      • Establish a budget to ensure repayment obligations can be met. Many individuals fail to take this step, only to find they have financial problems again when the repayments come around. A budget helps to prevent this and ensures the consumer can make loan payments as agreed.