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More About MoneyBoat UK

Here at MoneyBoat we offer our customers short term loan options of up to £1500 to returning customers, or £800 for our new customers – even with bad credit.

We are an authorised FCA direct lender providing a quick installment loan solution with a personalised service from beginning to end.

Our commitment to our customers is to lend responsibly and efficiently, whilst offering full support.

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About MoneyBoat UK


Part of Evergreen Finance London Limited, MoneyBoat UK is a transparent & flexible short term, payday loan, direct lender.

We offer loans from a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 6 months. Any loan repayments are clearly set out in an easy to understand fashion.

As part of our company procedures we send out email reminders before any payments are debited, confirming both the amount and the date we’ll debit the payment.


Talk to Us


Choosing a direct lender in order to help you through a short term crises might prove difficult.

We’re proud of our customer support staff who are all smiles and easy to chat to.

This isn’t just when you need to borrow money but also when you need to repay.

We understand the need for short term finance options especially in the UK’s stormy financial climate.


MoneyBoat UK: We’re Your Lighthouse In The Fog


As an industry Leader, MoneyBoat maintains high and competitive standards, setting ourselves apart from other payday lenders.

We invest in our customers, our staff and our business lending decisions.

We’ll always be clear & transparent in our dealings with you, our third party service providers and our regulators.



MoneyBoat Policy On Missed Payments


When customers borrow money from us we expect them to repay as per the agreement made.

In some circumstances the unexpected may happen and we want our customers to know that the best way forward is to speak to us directly, openly and honestly and we’ll always do what we can to assist.

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