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Improving Your Credit Rating

Improving Your Credit Rating

For many people, it is a frustrating reality to have been turned down for credit, creating a great deal of stress and concern that you do not have a reasonable chance of being accepted for subsequent loan or credit card applications in the future. One of the most...

Common Uses for Personal Loans

Common Uses for Personal Loans

There are many different reasons for borrowing money, as well as a number of different categories of loan products to choose from in the case of personal loans. These may range from traditional payday loans to the likes of longer term products such as instalment type...

How to Borrow From Family and Friends?

How to Borrow From Family and Friends?

If you are in need of money quickly, you may be looking at borrowing from friends or a family member to help you get through financial difficulty. There are a number of advantages to doing so, such as being more likely to receive a more flexible repayment time scale...