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Are you looking for a loan that you could get today? Our same-day loans are quick, flexible, and fair.

Representative Example: Borrow £400 for 4 months, 4 monthly repayments of £149.37. Total repayment £597.48, interest rate p.a. (fixed) 255.5%. Representative APR 939.5%. Compare Moneyboat loans.

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      What is a same day loan?

      Applying for a bank loan can take days or weeks, and require a near-perfect credit history, whereas same day loans could provide quick access to funds to cover small emergencies like a broken boiler or medical expenses. Our customers are typically approved and funded on the same day that they apply, although this might not always be the case if we need more time to review your application.

      Our same day loan is a payday loan that can be repaid in monthly instalments on the day you receive your salary. In addition to same-day loans, it’s also worth exploring other options like personal loans or credit cards, since they may have more favourable terms and lower interest rates which might be more beneficial to you.

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      Why choose Moneyboat for a same-day loan?

      At Moneyboat, we believe in tailoring our loans to meet your needs. As an approved new customer, you could borrow between £200 and £800, with repayment terms of two to six repayments. You won't have to repay the entire loan balance on your next payday, but you can opt to pay back your loan early when it suits you. The first instalment period is five days. Existing customers may be able to borrow up to £1500. Our interest rate is 0.7% per day, calculated on the outstanding balance which allows us to offer you more flexibility and better interest rates than other online payday lenders. We can also explain some of the payday loan alternatives you could opt for instead - personal loans or credit cards are among the other choices that you may consider, as they could offer better terms and lower interest rates.

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        Flexible payment & terms

        • Trusted Direct Lender

          We directly lend payday loans to our customers without involving any brokers.

        • Multiple Borrowing Options

          New customers can borrow £200-£800, and existing customers can borrow up to £1,500 upon passing credit and affordability checks.

        • No Guarantor Needed

          You don't need a guarantor to apply for our payday loans, as we provide affordable loan solutions based on your personal financial requirements.

        • Friendly Advisors

          Our experienced loan advisors are here to speak with you 24/7 through the entire application process and any questions you may have.

        Moneyboat's service is rated Excellent

        Same day loan FAQs

        There’s a lot of technical language around finance online, so we want to make sure we’ve answered all your questions before you take a loan with us. Here are answers to some common questions about applying for same day loans online.

        Some of the expenses that you can cover with a same day loan include:

        • Car repairs

        • Medical bills

        • Home repairs

        • Emergency travel

        • Unexpected bills

        Remember, same day loans can be a helpful option for covering unexpected expenses, but they should only be used for urgent expenses that you can't afford to pay for with your regular income or savings.

        Same day loans offer several advantages over traditional bank loans, such as:

        • Lower credit requirements: You may still be eligible for a loan even with less-than-perfect credit.

        • Unsecured credit: No collateral is required to secure the loan.

        • Shorter repayment terms: Pay back the loan over the course of three pay periods or less.

        • Smaller loans: Borrow smaller amounts, up to £800 with Moneyboat.

        • Flexibility: Use the loan for a variety of needs, such as unexpected car repairs or appliance replacement bills.

        Same day loans may be a quick fix when you're facing a financial emergency, but they come with some downsides to consider:

        • High interest rates: Short-term credit products have higher interest rates than traditional loans.

        • Fees and penalties: Missing a payment can result in significant fees and penalties, making it harder to repay the loan.

        • Risk of debt cycle: Relying too heavily on same day loans could lead to a cycle of debt.

        • Predatory lending practices: Some lenders engage in predatory lending practices, so it's important to be cautious when selecting a lender and to read their loan terms carefully.

        To apply for our same day cash loans, use our loan calculator to find the right value and then fill out our application. The application takes about 10 minutes, and you'll need to meet our eligibility requirements:

        • Be at least 18 years old.

        • Have a regular job and proof of employment earning a minimum of £1000 per month.

        • Have a valid UK address.

        • Have a current UK bank account.

        • Have no CCJs or bankruptcies on your record.

        You'll also need to answer questions about your monthly expenses. Verification and review usually take around half an hour, and once approved, the money could reach your account in as little as 15 minutes.We take responsible lending seriously and will make sure to consider your situation when reviewing your loan application.

        When you apply for a loan with Moneyboat, we work to review and accept your application as quickly as possible. If your bank supports Faster Payments, it’s possible that you could receive your cash on the same day. Even if your bank doesn't support Faster Payments, you could still receive your funds on the same day. We could send your money in as little as 15 minutes so you can quickly resolve the emergency that you're facing.

        To avoid late fees and penalties, make sure you have enough funds for loan payments on the established dates. If you need extra time, contact us to discuss a better repayment plan or check out our guide to repaying Moneyboat loans. If your payday is going to be later than usual, let us know in advance so we can assess your circumstances to see how we can best support you.

        If you can't make your loan payment, don't worry. We understand that unexpected circumstances happen. It's always best to call us and explain your situation. If you do miss a payment, there is a one-time late fee of £15. We encourage you to discuss any concerns about repayments with us before taking out a loan. Missing payments can cause financial problems and affect your credit score.