Loan Charges Explained

Use the sliders to see the exact loan charges payable for your instalment loan split up over 2 - 6 months (instalments). The amount payable will change with the amount borrowed and with the number of months (instalments) selected. The minimum instalment duration for the first instalment is 5 days.

The interest charged on our short term loans of 0.7% per day is only calculated on the outstanding capital balance at any given time.

We do not charge upfront fees for same day payment or processing the loan.

Possible Charges for Missed Payment

In the event of late payment by a customer in breach of their Agreement, we are entitled to charge:

  • An initial missed payment fee of £15.00 should we fail to receive the agreed payment within three days from the agreed repayment date; this is capped at one maximum charge of £15.00; and
  • Interest on all payments at the rate of 0.7% per day subject to the total amount of interest payable under this agreement not exceeding 100% of the amount of credit provided, including all interest, fees and charges.

The late payment fee is triggered if the full amount due has not been received within three days from the agreed repayment date. The continued interest is triggered at midnight on the day after the original agreement date; now known as the missed payment date & continues to accrue until the total maximum of 100% of the original capital borrowed has been reached.

In the event that we issue court proceedings against you for the amount that you owe, we may also recover from you any costs or fees incurred in relation to the court proceedings.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties please get in touch with us directly to see what repayment plan we can offer you in order to assist you in repaying your balance.