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Representative Example: Borrow £400 for 4 months, four monthly repayments of £149.37. Total repayment £597.48, interest rate p.a. (fixed) 255.5%. Representative APR 939.5%. Compare Moneyboat loans.

Short Term Loans Online

Applying for short term loans online could help you get the money you require to get back on your financial feet. With many different loans available in the UK, it can be tricky choosing which is actually best for your specific circumstances. At Moneyboat, our short term loans are simple and straightforward. Apply today and see for yourself!

MoneyBoat is an FCA Authorised direct lender of short term loans. Apply for a loan of £200 – £800 or up to £1,500 if you’re a returning customer. Our loans can be repaid in a number of instalments rather than in one go, as is the case with many other lenders, making for more manageable and often affordable loans. 

There are a wide range of reasons why people turn to short term loans online. We understand that often, it is due to unforeseen expenses and financial emergencies, so we consider all applications and circumstances. As an authorised direct lender, our interest rates are lower than the industry maximum charged by many other lenders, with our rate fixed at 0.7% per day.

For short term loans of £200 – £800, or £1,500 for returning customers – Apply online for short term loans today.

The Benefits of Short Term Loans

Short term loans are designed for shorter periods of time than loans of the past. These loans are made to be provided quickly upon approval, with repayments plus interest due soon thereafter. One of the major benefits of this is that with repayments made on time, debts can be cleared much quicker than traditionally.

There are, however, a number of further benefits of short term loans from MoneyBoat:

Lower Interest Rates

Most lenders charge the industry maximum of 0.8% interest per day. We, however, charge less and charge customers 0.7% per day which means that repayments on our short term loans cost less than those of other lenders with the higher interest rates applied. This means that our loans could be more cost-effective and manageable for MoneyBoat customers.

Faster Payments

Upon approval of a loan, money can be in your account quickly and efficiently. This can give you the peace of mind that once your application is accepted, the much-needed money can be with you quickly. In addition, making repayments is straightforward, all managed online through our secure and easy to use website.

Friendly UK Based Support

Our UK support team are on hand for all of our customers and are always happy to lend a helping hand when required.

Flexible Loans Online

We are based exclusively online and our loans are flexible. Applicants can select how much they want to borrow; between £200 – £800, or up to £1,500 for returning customers. Furthermore, applicants can select over how many repayments they would like to repay their loan. This allows our loans to have the potential to be much more affordable, with timely repayments being much more manageable.

Direct Lender

Because we are a short term loans direct lender, rather than a broker, you are able to manage your loan with us entirely, rather than having to go through brokers and intermediaries. This also means that we don’t need to pay any middlemen and we can work to keep our loan costs down.

How Do Short Term Loans Repayments Work?

Repayments for short term loans from Moneyboat are flexible, with applicants being able to select over how long and over how many manageable instalments they wish to make repayments. This breaks up the amount you need to pay, making for a potentially much more manageable loan. If you are struggling to make repayments, simply let our team know and they will do all they can to assist and get you back on track.

Applying for Short Term Loans – What is Available Online?

There are many different types of short term loans available online, with each specific loan type having its own benefits and pitfalls. Some of the most common types of short term loan products include:

Using Your Short Term Loan

Whist there is no specifically designed purpose for online short term loans, there are a number of different uses which these loans are often put to. Generally speaking, they work to assist borrowers in getting out of a financial rut in the short term or paying for unforeseen expenses or repairs; allowing them to get back onto their financial feet for the future:


Debt Consolidation

For many people, having a number of debts outstanding can be quite unmanageable. Therefore, consolidating a number of existing debts into a more manageable single debt is often a great help. Short term loans can therefore be used to pay off a number of smaller loans, with repayments only required for the short term loan thereafter.

Unforeseen Repairs

This is often the case when a boiler or car breaks down. Many people do not have the money immediately available to pay for such repairs. However, if one’s vehicle is an immediate necessity and particularly in the winter when the boiler is most-needed, a short term loan can provide the money needed in the short term to get the required repairs completed.

Additional Expenses

We all have months where we find ourselves paying out more than usual. If you cannot afford these extra expenses, and can afford the repayments, short term loans may be a solution.

Moneyboat’s Service Is Rated: Excellent | 9.6/10

Choosing Short Term Personal Loans Online

When looking to apply for short term loans online, it is important to do your research, to try and get the most favourable arrangement for your circumstances. Some steps you can take to ensure this include;


  • Compare the interest and repayment rates of different lenders
  • Compare different short term loan products available
  • Look at different lenders’ repayment terms
  • Can you afford the required repayments?
  • Check the FCA Register to see if the lender you select is authorised

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