Considering Short Term Loans For Bad Credit?

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What do consumers need to know?


Consumers in the United Kingdom who find they are short on cash and need funds quickly often turn to payday loans for assistance. However, many individuals find that obtaining a payday loan has actually led to a whole new set of problems.

Thankfully, MoneyBoat offers another option in the form of short term loans bad credit. These loans allow for more time to pay back the funds, consequently easing some of the financial pressure for the borrower.

What do consumers need to know about this funding option before deciding if short term loans bad credit is right for them?


short term loans bad credit


Why Short Term Loans for Bad Credit?


With Moneyboat’s online application process, individuals are able to apply and obtain the funds they need in a short period of time.

New customers may obtain up to £800 while those who have used our services before can request up to £1500. Where this type of loan differs from the conventional payday loan is that payments are made in a series of instalments.

This ensures the borrower does not create new problems by obtaining only the funds that they require. Loan repayments usually run anywhere from one to six months in total.


Why are many consumers finding this option to be the better choice?


short term loans bad credit


The Advantages Of Bad Credit Short Term Loans Over A Payday Loan


When a person takes out a payday loan, they only have one or two pay cheques to pay the funds back. This leads to additional stress on the individual, as they not only have to meet their regular bills, they also have this new financial burden.

We understand how difficult meeting all of these obligations can be for a person and have come up with the short term loan as an alternative.

Not only are short term loans quick and convenient, the terms are flexible.

Furthermore, customers never need to worry about early payment fees and penalties, as MoneyBoat’s goal is to encourage responsible borrowing.

Paying off the loan early is a sign the borrower hasn’t taken on more than he or she can truly afford.


MoneyBoat Short Term Loans Bad Credit


  • New clients can access anywhere from £200 to £800
  • Returning customers may obtain up to £1500
  • Loan repayment terms up to six months
  • Less risk of getting behind on other financial obligations
  • Online application process via mobile device or computer
  • Approval within minutes or hours
  • Business hours from Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm
  • Representative 939.5% APR
  • Flat interest rate of 0.7 percent per day
  • Professional, friendly and discreet staff
  • No penalties or fees for early repayment


Why Short Term Loans Are Helpful


Unexpected expenses may arise at any time. Purchase a new washing machine to replace the old one, and the oven seems to break down the next week. An oven is essential to provide healthy meals, and funds from MoneyBoat may allow a person to purchase this new essential appliance.

This is only one example of how you may use the cash from short term loans. Others being for car repairs, medical expenses, and numerous other things.

Customers aren’t always required to share with us what they plan to do with the money. However, we do encourage them to only borrow for essentials.

A last minute trip isn’t a necessity, thus we recommend borrowers look for other ways to obtain funds for purchases such as this.

Borrowers may find they benefit by converting existing payday loans into short term loans bad credit. By obtaining the funds needed to pay off the payday loans, they earn more time to pay the money off without overextending their budget.

This is one situation where a person is borrowing responsibly, making plans for a better financial future and getting their life back on track.

The borrower should not take out another payday loan until the short term loans bad credit have been paid in full, to avoid difficulties of this type.

Our aim is to ensure borrowers don’t take out more than they can afford to repay without adding additional financial stress to their budget.

The same cannot be said for payday loans that must be repaid in only one or two paycheques. This is because most individuals find they cannot meet their obligations and repay the loan with ease.

MoneyBoat wants clients to be satisfied with our services, thus we go the extra step to ensure this is the case.

short term loans bad credit

Eligibility Criteria


  • Borrower must be 18 years of age
  • Individual needs to be a United Kingdom resident and have stable employment
  • The borrower must possess a United Kingdom bank account along with an active debit card
  • Loan applicants must pass the affordability and credit checks

Borrowers often wonder why these criteria are required. Where MoneyBoat differs from many lenders is the company believes in responsible lending.

If we feel a borrower will struggle to make the payments as required, we offer alternative solutions. This is one reason why consumers know they can count on us, proven by our 4.7 star rating at


Debt Help


For individuals who have borrowed more than they can afford to pay back, MoneyBoat recommends visiting

Seek help now with existing debt before taking on more. Individuals who worry they may be struggling to re-pay in the near future, should always turn to us.

Late or missed payments often bring on additional financial problems, so contact us today if you have concerns.

MoneyBoat works with clients to find a solution that works for them. We will always carry out an affordability and credit check for the benefit of our customers.

We do not want to see our customers in a financial struggle. In fact, we encourage that once back on your feet you set up a convenient budgeting system and emergency fund for future needs.

Contact us today to discuss your borrowing needs, and help your get your finances back on track. MoneyBoat understands that anyone can run into financial problems.

Life is known to throw curve balls when we least expect. Here we provide the funds to move past this challenge and move ahead in the shortest time possible.

The MoneyBoat customer support team are friendly and professional. You will usually receive a final decision within anywhere from a few minutes to just a few hours.

At MoneyBoat, we endeavour to pay out all loans on the same day for no extra charge.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5:30pm.

short term loans bad credit