Many people find themselves living on a budget, be that a high or a lower budget. Eating well and eating cheaply however, are often difficult to reconcile. However, with the right attitude and attention to detail, it can be done, with often, just a few simple changes to one’s daily habits and practices. Check out some tips and tricks to saving money cooking at home and eating out and you may well find yourself and your family eating well and saving some much-needed money. Even when we are budgeting properly and effectively, unforeseen expenses may come up. If you are facing financial difficulties that must be addressed immediately, consider taking out a short-term quick loan such as one of our payday loans, with MoneyBoat.

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How To Save Money Eating In

Cooking at home is the best way to save money on food. A home-cooked meal typically costs a fraction of what the same dish would cost at a restaurant, and you get to choose exactly which ingredients go into your food, making it usually, a lot healthier too. Beyond cooking at home, there are further steps you can take to eat well on a budget.

Plan your weekly shop before you enter the shop- By knowing what you will purchase ahead of time, you can resist impulse-purchases. Additionally, making a single, planned trip will save you time and petrol money.

Shop around for the best deals – Instead of going to the big supermarket, find out where to get the best deals on produce and all your other grocery needs. Think outside the box! International supermarkets will often offer excellent prices, and you will encounter cool new ingredients to include in your cooking.

Buy a whole chicken and portion it out to make different dishes – Buying larger cuts of meat and poultry is almost always the cheaper option. Want to take it to the next level? Make a chicken stock out of the chicken bones. Slice your own meats for tasty and cheaper sandwiches. Salamis and many treated meats are pricier and much lower quality than meat you can cook and slice yourself.

Freezing – Buy in season-fruit and freeze it to enjoy the low price and fresh taste throughout the winter season. Frozen fruit is great for smoothies, pies and crumbles.

Reduce your meat consumption – Consider including more grains, pulses and vegetables in your diet. Meat is often the most expensive part of a meal, and veggie dishes can be just as tasty and satisfying.

Pre-portion meals for yourself – This can help to prevent impulse purchasing. It is so easy to just stop for fast food, and having a delicious pre-packed lunch will help you stick to your budget.

Cook to the sales – Many grocery stores will publish online a list of items that are on sale each week. Try to incorporate these ingredients into your week’s recipes to save money.

How to Save Money When Eating Out

Take advantage of BYOB (bring your own booze) to cut costs – Some restaurants that do not serve alcohol will allow you to bring alcohol from home for free or a small corking-fee. This is a great way to enjoy a glass of wine with your meal.

Venture out to international restaurants – Many international restaurants will be much cheaper than comparable UK restaurants. Experiment with new cuisines, to potentially save some money.

Eat cleverly with the kids – Many kids’ meals contain poor quality food at marked-up prices. Avoid all the hassle by ordering one adult meal for your kids to split.

Dine at the right times – Many restaurants have early-bird and pre-theatre deals. Your meal may be a lot cheaper if you dine before the restaurant gets busy.

Get student deals – Are you currently a student, or do you still have last year’s student ID? This card can save you a lot of money at restaurants, museums, and other attractions.

Check out online deals like Groupon – You can find highly discounted restaurant meals on Groupon, so you can experience the luxury of eating out without the hefty price tag.