Money and borrowing help

A piggy bank

Money and borrowing help

Talking About Money

Talking about money can be a sensitive topic for many people, and there are many reasons why people might not be comfortable talking about money.

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Money and borrowing help

Flexible working requests: know your rights

Wondering how to make flexible working requests successfully? Moneyboat takes a deep dive into your flexible working rights and how flexible working can change your life.

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Money and borrowing help

What is cybercrime?

As the Met Police’s recent Operation Elaborate initiative illustrated, fraudsters are constantly upping their game. It’s up to all of us to get savvy and protect ourselves from this ever-evolving threat.

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Money and borrowing help

What is a logbook loan?

As well as payday loans, overdrafts, credit cards, and other short-term forms of personal credit, you may have come across the term ‘logbook loan’. Borrowing money against the value of your car may sound interesting, but what exactly are logbook loans and are they ever worth considering?

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Money and borrowing help

What's a loan shark?

A startling piece of research has just been published by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), which found that as many as 1.08 million people in the UK are currently borrowing from illegal lenders, also known as ‘loan sharks’, when they are unable to find short-term loans or other more sensible alternatives.