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Try the No Spend Challenge

Over the past few decades, we’ve all become so very good at consuming. Many of us buy new things so often that we barely notice we’re doing it. Over the past 20 years, the rise of fast fashion, discount supermarkets and online shopping have made it easier to justify blindly consuming. It’s no good for the environment and it’s no good for our bank balances.

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If women designed money

Moneyboat delves into this gender gap between male and female figures on money, breaks this down to see which countries have the largest discrepancy, and offers an insight into which famous faces we may see grace banknotes if women designed money.

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What is a logbook loan?

As well as payday loans, overdrafts, credit cards, and other short-term forms of personal credit, you may have come across the term ‘logbook loan’. Borrowing money against the value of your car may sound interesting, but what exactly are logbook loans and are they ever worth considering?

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Money and borrowing help

What's a loan shark?

A startling piece of research has just been published by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), which found that as many as 1.08 million people in the UK are currently borrowing from illegal lenders, also known as ‘loan sharks’, when they are unable to find short-term loans or other more sensible alternatives.

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Money and borrowing help

What you need to know about individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs)

When a consumer gets into debt they can't afford to repay under the terms of their loans, they have a few options to consider. Most of us are aware of bankruptcy as a last-ditch solution to debt problems, but fewer of us are familiar with individual voluntary arrangements, or ‘IVAs’.

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Moneyboat wins another prestigious Credit Award

The last 12 months have been incredible here at Moneyboat. We’ve seen lending levels soar, while our first missed payment rate has plummeted, and we’ve already been named Responsible Lender of the Year. Now, we have another award to add to this list. We’ve been named the winners in the Consumer Credit Team of the Year category at the ‘Oscars of the credit industry’, Credit Strategy’s Credit Awards.

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Moneyboat shortlisted for two credit awards

The entire team at Moneyboat is incredibly proud to be shortlisted in not one, but two categories at this year’s Credit Awards. Building on our success in 2021, when were named winners in the Responsible Lender of the Year category, we’re now hoping to add Consumer Credit Team of the Year and Outstanding Conduct in Collections to our growing list of accolades.

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Vote for moneyboat in the consumer credit awards

The team at Moneyboat has a busy couple of months ahead of us, drumming up votes from the thousands of happy customers we’ve funded over the years. Our efforts are all in aid of the Consumer Credit Awards, for which we are nominated for the first time, this year!

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Money saving tips and hacks

Simple ways to save money today

Even without the events of the past two years and the pressure they created on our finances, saving money has long been a priority for many of us. Though most of us want to save money, it’s sometimes difficult to know the best way to do so. Whether it’s sticking to a budget, repaying your short-term loans more quickly or putting cash into a savings account each month, knowing where to begin can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming.

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Money saving tips and hacks

How to reduce your energy bills

When it comes to household finances, energy bills are a major factor. The cost of our utilities are incredibly high, with recent hikes caused by shortages in production, conflict and transport limitations adding to the pressure on our wallets. Whether you want to know how to minimise your electric bills, your gas bills or your water bills, we are here to help. It’s never a good idea to take out payday loans to cover utility bills, so we’ve come up with some ways reduce the burden.

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What is an overdraft?

If you’ve never had an overdraft, you may be wondering what they are and how they are used. Overdrafts are a common form of credit in the UK, with around 19 million British people using an arranged overdraft each year. However, there are also unarranged overdrafts, which 14 million people use. So what’s the difference between an arranged and unarranged overdraft and is it bad to borrow through an overdraft?